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WNDRR: Your Newest Oversized Obsession

WNDRR - Your Newest Oversized Obsession
Image from WNDRR Facebook Page

Even if it seems like the world has burst into flames, skateboard culture is alive and well. And it’s thanks, in large part, to brands like WNDRR. The Australian lifestyle brand upholds what it means to be cool and edgy in this day and age. And for them, it’s all about oversizing! 

Starting With Skateboard Culture

WNDRR, pronounced as “Wanderer,” was founded in Melbourne, Australia back in 2016. A local label through and through it has sought to establish the city’s own aesthetic for hip-hop and skateboard culture. As well as injecting a few vintage nods to the 80s and 90s which were, arguably, skateboard culture’s heydays. With a healthy mix of nostalgia and contemporary coolness, it’s no secret the brand has accomplished its mission. 

Image from WNDRR Facebook Page

Easy Pieces Worth Investing In

It’s not easy to see why WNDRR has gained a strong following over the years. The brand is all about ready-to-wear, literally, by way of oversized tees, revealing muscle tops, and eye-catching caps. Considered the most basic of the streetwear uniform, such pieces are not only easy to wear but also easy to style even without losing their rebellious attitude. 

Loco for Logomania

Of course, as with any other skateboard brand, WNDRR relies heavily on logomania. A longstanding trend that never fails, it’s through this technique that the label has unequivocally made their stamp in the streetwear market. Their own slogans, such as “We gonna be alright” and “Kings since the start,” have even captured the attention of new fans too! 

WNDRR for 2021
Image from WNDRR Facebook Page

Check out all of WNDRR’s latest pieces in their official online store and find out they’re your style! Afterward, share with us your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below!

Written by Tonie Ong

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