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WISDOM Envisions Futuristic Military Garb for Spring 2020

Image from WISDOM official website

Ever wondered what the military-style will look like in 3020? Well, WISDOM lays out its version this spring 2020! Their latest collection upgrades outerwear basics, upgrade them with a military edge, all while keeping that signature streetwear finesse. It’s a selection that would go well today as it will in the future! 

The Crux of WISDOM

Since 2009, Chinese streetwear brand WISDOM has been offering exciting styles for the streetwear outerwear market. With their technological textiles and oversized silhouettes, they upheld their core values of TRIP EASY, FUNCTION BEAUTY. For years, they balanced function and fashion, offering up pieces that will help any nomad achieve his/her own personal style. 

Image from WISDOM official website

Strong Showing of Outerwear

This season is no different. With a fresh militarized look, WISDOM’s brand of elevated outerwear reeks of sophistication, all while serving its functional purposes. A slightly oversized trench coat, for instance, has a tinge of romanticism to it without losing its harder edge. While cargo vests display the attitude without sacrificing a fresh appeal. 

Somber Tones of Neutral 

Even with a futuristic theme, WISDOM didn’t go all stereotypical and made use of silver metallics and other shimmering material. In fact, the brand’s use of somber neutral tones gives it a more realistic effect. It’s easy to imagine the future’s protesters clad in beige, olive green, navy blue, khaki, and a pop of orange for good measure! 

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WISDOM® 2020 SUMMER COLLECTION – “UNIVERSE MILITARY TRAINING COMMAND” _ WISDOM® 2020 SUMMER COLLECTION,延續了春夏季的主題 X⋅02,體現未來的軍事訓練與提升運動效能之後,全新突入的夏季限定系列以同樣基底發展設計,在面對更為嚴酷的環境與氣候考驗課題時,製作考量了能夠最大限度的發揮穿著活動空間,以及兼顧親膚性和環保性的素材面料使用,夏季限定系列單品以剪裁更為寬鬆的版型呈現,保有更暢快的身體呼吸空間,並主要以四款主要面料開發:台灣大廠新光紡織獨家技術的 SHIN-COOL® —— 以高級緞面感的吸濕快乾涼感技術在市場上成為熱門話題;同樣來自新光、織物組織間隙能產生空氣對流的四向彈性泡泡紗;3M 全棉面料的天然質感有著極佳吸濕排汗效果;精選來自日本的高級斜紋布款,除了也是吸濕快乾,更具備高防水耐洗滌與單向彈性的舒適手感,同時更是符合永續發展原則的 Fluorine-free (不含氟) 環保耐久性撥水加工面料,並以此四款布種構築出整體簡潔又休閒的系列款式。 品牌 2020 夏季限定系列在色系上以基本的黑、綠、藍、卡其等配色釋出多樣單品,拼接工法樣式的褲款與開襟工作衫配置了多個複合式的立體口袋,除了以拼色展現視覺層次,另外也貼心加上小拉片方便開關。今年再度邀請新銳設計師 Zihjini 繪製系列 T-Shirt 專屬的應用視覺,並延續嫁接宇宙開發的空想科幻故事路線,設立 “UMTC 宇宙部隊訓練司令部” —— UNIVERSE MILITARY TRAINING COMMAND,做為圖案與字樣的形體依據,簡化裝飾性的設計,營造軍事單位標配公發品的簡約穩重印象。 The WISDOM® 2020 SUMMER COLLECTION stays true to the theme of the SS collection, X⋅02, in showcasing futuristic military training wear and superior athletic performance. The all-new summer exclusive collection is also an extension of the same concept and in continuation of the sci-fi plotline of cosmic exploration, WISDOM has also established the UMTC — UNIVERSE MILITARY TRAINING COMMAND. In face of harsh environments and climates, our primary end goal was to design apparel that offered maximum range of motion in comfortable and eco-friendly fabrics. The summer exclusive collection is a relaxed fit that provides its wearer with better ventilation. The fabrics heavily utilized in the collections include SHIN-COOL®, four-way stretch seersucker, 3M 100% cotton fabric, and the fluorine-free, eco-friendly, durable, and water-repellent fabric in line with sustainable development goals. SHIN-COOL® and the four-way stretch seersuckers are both developed and exclusively supplied by Shinkong Textiles, a major textiles supplier from Taiwan. The four fabrics collide to construct a simple, clean, and relaxed collection. _ ART DIRECTOR_ HANS CHYI DESIGNER_ KEVIN LEE & YUCHI CHENG PHOTOGRAPHER_ SIH WEI CHEN MODEL_ HSIN CHU HUANG THANKS_ NIKE TW _ Copyright© WISDOM® All Rights Reserved. _ #wisdom2009 #wisdom_apparel #whiterockstore #universemilitary #trainingcommand #fashion #street #travel #gear #urbanoutdoor #20summer #functionaltraining

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This military-esque spring 2020 collection is available now on WISDOM’s official website. Check out the entire collection there! Then, share with us your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below!

Written by Tonie Ong

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