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UNDONE “Guess Who’s Back”Collection Sees The Return of Mickey Mouse

UNDONE Guess Who's BackCollection Sees The Return of Mickey Mouse
Image from UNDONE Instagram Page

Looking at the time never looked this cute! The contemporary Hong Kong-based watch brand, UNDONE, has revealed one of their first collections for 2022. The “Guess Who’s Back” timepiece features the return of Mickey Mouse, the beloved cartoon character from Walt Disney, on their latest mode’s face. And it’s one of the cutest things the new year has introduced. 

A Modern-Day Timepiece Empire

Make no mistake! Just because UNDONE takes on these heavily commercialized collaborations featuring cartoon characters, that doesn’t make their watches any less luxurious Ever since Michael Young founded the brand in 2014 in Hong Kong, it has helped create a new watch market that’s both high-class and bespoke but also approachable and more affordable. To this day, the label continues to embody its slogan,

“Individuality Matters!”

UNDONE Mickey Mouse Timepiece
Image from UNDONE Instagram Page

Featuring The World’s Most Famous Mouse 

For their first release in 2022, UNDONE chose to get back the world’s most famous and beloved mouse, Mickey Mouse, to grace the new face of their newest model. The “Guess Who’s Back” collection features an impactful 40 mm meter face with the iconic character right smack in the center. His attention-grabbing black, white, red, and yellow color scheme adds a cute cartoonish touch, particularly with how his hands act as the watch’s hands too. 

An Adorable Collector’s Piece

Though it’s no surprise that many watch aficionados might see this is a little too juvenile to take seriously, the fact that you can custom-make this piece to fit your standards makes it a one-of-a-kind collectible. Even if many others will have the same face, no two timepieces from this collection are the same! 

Guess Who's Back Mickey Mouse Watch by UNDONE
Image from UNDONE Instagram Page

UNDONE’s “Guess Who’s Back” Mickey Mouse collection is now out on the brand’s official store but it’s currently only available in Hong Kong and Macau. Stay tuned to this space for further updates on when it will be available elsewhere!

Written by Tonie Ong

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