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Team Manila Brings Culture into the Fashion Limelight

Fashion is acknowledged for its multi-faceted representation; among them is its ability to shape both social and personal identity. Team Manila flaunts its roots in the fashion arena, celebrating with its luscious color palette that mirrors its rich culture. Join them as they offer a splash of the past with a contemporary touch! 

Paying Tribute to Their Roots

Team Manila's inclusive t-shirt collection featuring custom-made graphics.
Photo from Team Manila’s official Facebook page

Team Manila is a Philippine-based lifestyle brand that has been in a quest to share the Filipino culture since 2001. Along with this, their fashion line features contemporary designs that speak to the youth about their unique inception.

The Intersection of Fashion and Culture

Team Manila's prints that showcases iconic brands and everyday scenes.
Photo from Team Manila’s official Facebook page

The Filipino brand creates its mark by taking the multitudes on a tour to pure nostalgia, incorporating iconic brands and bits and pieces of everyday scenes. Team Manila clothing uses fashion to transcend cultural divides; furthermore, their collection caters to series of t-shirts with a youthful twist: interpreting traditions with animated illustrations same goes with their bucket hats, caps, tote bags, and the recently appeared vanguard of fashion: face masks. The definition of functional and stylish!

Prints of Cultural Heritage

Photo from Team Manila’s official website

They say that as we invest ourselves more into something, the more we get to be reminded of its value. Team Manila envisions the masses to appreciate cultural heritage by playing with striking colors and custom-made graphics. Besides that, their prints also include historical residues and meaningful captions that will make you take a look back on the past!

Are you craving to see more of their products? Then why not go check out their official page Team Manila and see their latest collection. Before you go don’t forget to leave a comment below, share your sentiments, reactions, and maybe even some styling tips!

Written by Anna Galvez

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