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    The Burning Passion of Stay Cold Apparel

    StreetwearTalk’s BrandWatch series explores wardrobe-worthy concepts from the hottest brands in independent fashion. Berlin’s Stay Cold Apparel is under the spotlight for this issue. Tattoo culture has always had a strong connection to the supernatural. Many early cultures saw tattoos as having magical powers and would apply them to the body as a form of […] More

  • xcvb clothing shirt and long sleeve black and white


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    XCVB Clothing: It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination

    StreetwearTalk’s BrandWatch is our quest to dig up fresh fits and gems from little known labels in the streetwear world—one of which is Sheffield’s XCVB Clothing. Few things in the fashion industry embody individuality quite like indie fashion labels. Free of the constraints and pressures of larger fashion houses, the independent fashion scene is home […] More

  • Eman Rosario with victory clothing tank top
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    Gearing Up with Victory Clothing

    StreetwearTalk’s BrandWatch series gives you the scoop on small fashion brands with big ideas. This week’s issue shines the spotlight on San Diego-based Victory Clothing with their workout-grade apparel that marks a return to form for performance sportswear. Sportswear has no doubt made its way into every corner of the fashion world. From the comfortable […] More

  • model wearing wrung shirt
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    How Wrung Uses Heritage to Push Fashion Forward

    StreetwearTalk’s BrandWatch series showcases some of the hottest brands you may have never heard of before. French streetwear label Wrung is under our spotlight for this issue, whose extensive history brings France’s urban heritage to the world. Heritage is a concept that matters a lot to streetwear fans. Since clothing is often a part of […] More

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    Inside the Frontrvnners Mindset

    StreetwearTalk’s BrandWatch series goes around the world to give you the inside scoop on little-known brands with big ideas. This issue tells the story of Vancouver-based Frontrvnners —one that proves success comes with loyalty to one’s craft. Luck is often one of the biggest factors to making it in the fashion industry. Many have risen […] More

  • model with son of zeus tracksuit
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    BrandWatch: Son of Zeus

    StreetwearTalk’s BrandWatch series explores various streetwear brands from around the world with wardrobe-worthy selections you may have never heard of before. Under our spotlight for this issue is British retailer Son of Zeus, who seeks to take basics to the next level. Streetwear is life for many of us at StreetwearTalk. That’s why we understand […] More

  • profound aesthetic ss20 reveal banner
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    Can Streetwear Have A Profound Aesthetic?

    StreetwearTalk’s BrandWatch series goes around the world, showcasing the hottest up-and-coming designers with fresh ideas to bring to the scene. In this installment we take a look at New Jersey label Profound Aesthetic, whose high fashion influences seek to raise streetwear to a higher level of artistic expression. High fashion is arguably one of the […] More

  • models posing with junkbox apparel the outsiders collection
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    Gear Up For Adventure With Junkbox Apparel

    StreetwearTalk’s BrandWatch series brings you fresh styles and wardrobe-worthy additions from little-known names in the streetwear world. This installment showcases Junkbox Apparel, an independent UK retailer with comfortable, colorful pieces that appeal to the adventurer in all of us. There is nothing in the world quite as liberating as heeding the call to adventure. Whether […] More

  • model wearing kollar clothing leather varsity jacket


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    How Kollar Clothing Flips The Script On Grunge Fashion

    StreetwearTalk’s BrandWatch series brings you new perspectives and hot takes on streetwear from some of the world’s underrated designers. This installment showcases Toronto’s Kollar Clothing, whose luxury-grunge fusion offers a uniquely rebellious take on the otherwise conformist movement. In a fashion industry that praises and encourages the idea of standing out, grunge is one enduring […] More

  • man wearing black long sleeve with panda print
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    How Fulwood London Redefines Owning A Piece Of Clothing

    StreetwearTalk’s BrandWatch series brings you an inside look on streetwear’s underrated names, showing you fresh styles otherwise never seen before. This installment takes a look at Britain’s Fulwood London, whose unique approach to fashion rethinks what it means to own a piece of clothing. The tattoo is arguably the most personal form of self-expression. After […] More

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