Stüssy Gives Workwear a Softer and More Elegant Edge

Stüssy Gives Workwear a Softer and More Elegant Edge
Image from Stüssy/

Softer Suiting 

From starting out with oversized tops for skateboarding, Stüssy has certainly come a long way in the fashion industry. Now, as part of their sophisticated new offering, they’ve gone unto suiting territory. Their soft separates aren’t exactly world-class tailoring, but their refined enough for the loyal Stüssy fans that have all grown up to wear for either a job interview or a hot date. 

Stüssy Spring 2020
Image from Stüssy/

Sophisticated Motifs

As far as motifs go, they’ve ditched the quirky tie-dyes and fiery streetwear graphics for now. Instead, they went for more sophisticated prints by way of checkered pieces and even a few seersucker stripes. Interesting takes on floral also made its way unto the collection. And there’s even a pair of shorts rendered in a black-and-white version of Michelangelo’s “Venus de Milo” painting. 

A Gentler Palette

Palette-wise, they went with gentler tones to complement their more elegant pieces. Stand-out hues include buttery yellow, baby blue, and soft hints of olive green. Of course, there are still the Stüssy signature of elevated neutrals, as well as rare pops of neon by way of tangerine and electric purple. 

You can take a look at the entire spring 2020 line on Stüssy’s official website. The collection was made in collaboration with Matthew M Williamson, who is now the new creative director for Givenchy. Stay tuned for more news on that update! 

Written by Tonie Ong

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