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How Stoned & Co. Leads the Charge for Southeast Asian Streetwear

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StreetwearTalk’s BrandWatch series digs deep to give you a look at some of the hidden gems of the streetwear world. This installment shines the spotlight on Stoned & Co., a fashion label bringing modern Malaysian flair to the streetwear scene.

When it comes to Asian streetwear, most of the biggest names usually come from up north. With names such as BAPE and Yohji Yamamoto dominating the scene, most smaller brands end up overshadowed.

This is unfortunate, as a lot of smaller fashion labels throughout Asia with a lot to bring to the scene. Malaysia’s Stoned & Co is one of those labels.

Under The Influence

All the way back in 2014, three local graphic designers came together to start Stoned & Co. Inspired by the varied, multifaceted culture of their native Malaysia, these designers envisioned their brand with the idea of uniting all of their influences, creating work with the kind of freedom associated with a “Stoned” state of mind.

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Going Global

With such a broad range of influences, one might expect Stoned & Co to have a similarly diverse range of designs. Instead, the fashion label goes in the opposite direction. With a pared-down, minimalist style, Stoned & Co distills their influences into a loud yet subtle design language.

This is seen most prominently in their latest 2020 collection, which brings back their most iconic designs and silhouettes since their inception in 2014. With strongly-contrasting design motifs over flat, bold colors, their minimalistic approach to symbolism results in fresh looks that translate well to the global stage.

Tell us your impressions of Stoned & Co in the comments below, and keep following StreetwearTalk for the latest in streetwear news.

Written by Ralph Trayfalgar

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