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Satta Promotes Sustainability Through Minimalism For Spring 2021

Images from Satta official Website

If you thought minimalism went out the window with the 2010s. you’re sadly mistaken. British lifestyle brand Satta seeks to promote a holistic approach to style with their spring 2021 collection. And with their new take on simplicity, paired with sustainability, their outlook this year is very sophisticated.

Connecting The Mind and Body Through Style

Satta has been championing their soothing and sustainable lifestyle since they started back in 2014. And over the years, they never failed to promote the mind and body through their minimalist, elegant, and easy clothing. In essence, the brand established a whole new look that’s all their own through their silhouettes, color-palette, and eco-friendly sensibility,

Satta S:S 2021
Images from Satta official Website

Seductively Simple Silhouettes

This spring 2021, they continue their tradition of offering up simple silhouettes to protect and embrace the body. Think easy button-downs with no decoration. Comfortable linen separates that feel sturdy yet sophisticated. Not to mention a few sporty pieces by way of free-flowing outerwear without any constricting cuts! And while some pieces look tailored, there’s not a single tightness in any of them! 

Earthy Tones to Save The Planet

And what of colors? Naturally, in subscribing to the Satta’s holistic approach, earth tones of brown, taupe, off-white, and stone gray render the collection. Soothing hues that relax the mind upon first glance. They also provide a sense of sophistication, almost other-worldly with their subtle shades of nostalgia

Satta Spring 2021
Images from Satta official Website

To view Satta’s beautiful spring 2021 collection, check out their entire lookbook on their official website. Afterward, share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below!

Written by Tonie Ong

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