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Red Mummy Clothing Takes You on a Cruise in the LA Streets with their Graphic Tees

Young, wild, and free in the streets of Los Angeles, Red Mummy Clothing is thrilled to tell stories with their graphic tees splurged with urban art imprints. Furthermore, the LA-based clothing line draws inspiration from the skateboard culture and an escapade in the city.  Be prepared to get mummified in a cool way!

Skateboard Culture: A Current Fashion Obsession

Capturing the LA Streets with their olive "Old English" t-shirt.
Photo from Red Mummy Clothing’s official website

Skateboard culture has been the recent obsession in streetwear and surprisingly even in high fashion. Typically consisted of loose and practical garbs, Red Mummy clothing line assembles a selection of custom-designed tees, crewnecks, hoodies, tank tops, and jerseys, but let’s not forget to top it off with their beanie and snapback hats jazzed up with their iconic character: the red mummy.

Roaming Around the LA Streets

Featuring Red Mummy Clothing's "Red Mummy Text Tee" and "White Mummy Dad Hat"
Photo from Red Mummy Clothing’s official website

The Los Angeles clothing brand has a creative perception of presenting the typical LA streets. Moreover, their limited edition “LA City Tee” captures a glimpse of the downtown area in a cartoony-styled print, starring their iconic mascot, of course, to add some personal touches. In addition, to highlight more of the LA cityscapes, their “Melting Tee” gives off the impression of street art plastered on a t-shirt.

Enriched with Colors of Music

Music has been constantly used as the foundation of many clothing labels and Red Mummy Clothing is one of them. Indeed, it is fascinating how music can be translated visually; beats and rhythms can be transformed into shapes and colors. Red Mummy Clothing is heavily-influenced by music genres like hip-hop and rap. Hence their products were even in a music video of well-known rapper Compton AV featuring Ashbash, Radio Base, and DestoDubb!

Video from Compton AV’s official Youtube channel and Red Mummy Clothing’s official website

Do you want to see more? Then why not go check out their official page Red Mummy Clothing and see their latest streetwear. Before you go don’t forget to leave a comment below, share your sentiments, reactions, and maybe even some styling tips!

Written by Anna Galvez

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