Save Your Summer With This Off-White Crisscross Bodysuit

Forever Summer With The Off-White Crisscross Bodysuit

The Off-White crisscross bodysuit arrives in time to save your summer woes. The sexy piece will make sure that you sizzle all year round.


Off-White recently unveiled its FW18 collection featuring heavy graphics and text. The collection pays tribute to Abloh’s early days as a designer. Moreover, it nods toward his idea of being a successful professional with a “white picket fence and a dog” as well as “carrying a briefcase.”

The collection continues to showcase Abloh’s iconic use of quotations. There are words like “PRODUCT TESTING,” “OUTDOOR USE ONLY,” and “DOWN JACKET.”

Since this is a Fall/Winter 2018 collection, there is more focus on warmer garments. There are the Reconstr Camo Field Jacket, and classic Denim Jacket. Plus, other standout items are the Varsity Jacket, Arrow Scarf, and a selection of crewnecks and hoodies.

Bringing Sexy Back

The summer staple is a strappy one-piece with a sexy crisscross back. The brand’s logo also trails along each band. The front of the top features a flattering scoop neckline. This goes down to a V-cut bottom.

Moreover, the garment has a white trim sewn around it. This adds contrast to the black base. The straps with the logo create an “X” shape at the back.

The bodysuit retails for $410 USD.

Written by Marijim Dy

Streetwear Enthusiast & News Curator of StreetwearTalk.

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