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Nuevo Club Takes Sportswear Back To Basics

Nuevo Club Takes Sportswear Back To Basics
Image from Nuevo Club Official Facebook Page

For UK sportswear brand Nuevo Club, streetwear is all about going back to basics. Simpler silhouettes, neutral tones, quality materials, and a whole lot of confidence. Well, if your body is already looking so good, why layer it up more? The brand’s signature style clearly conveys the old adage: “if you got it, flaunt it!”

Emphasizing A Man’s Best Assets

Though the brand started out in a garage in 2017, Nuevo Club slowly became a sensation among sporty menswear fanatics. Men, especially fitness junkies, likely gravitated to the simplistic approach to easy streetwear, emphasizing a classic look that never went out of style. To this day, the British brand sticks to its signature simplicity in sportswear.

Nuevo Club UK
Image from Nuevo Club Official Facebook Page

Sleek and Sporty Silhouettes

It’s quite clear with Nuevo Club’s silhouettes what kind of look they’re going for. While other brands are going for more oversized styles and maximalist designs, this label opts for a sleeker look. Simply tracksuits that fit just right. Tight sweatshirts that emphasize muscles in a subtle yet sexy way. All functional and fashionable, this is the type of sportswear sophisticated men would choose in a heartbeat! 

Nice Neutral Palette

Add to that the painstakingly simple color palette, dominated by decidedly masculine neutral tones. Military green, gunmetal grey, egg-shaded off-white, and deep navy. Colors that don’t scream unlike in other streetwear labels, but rather whispers a strong impact that upholds fitness, finesse, and, of course, fashion! 

Nuevo Club Tracksuit
Image from Nuevo Club Official Facebook Page

Check out Neuvo Club’s official website to see the brand’s entire collection of sophisticated sportswear. See which pieces you like! Afterward, share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below!

Written by Tonie Ong

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