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Lightning Bear is All About Tees with An Attitude for Summer 2020

Lightning Bear is All About Tees with An Attitude for Summer 2020
Image from Lightning Bear's Instagram page

There’s no denying that Lightning Bear is all about street-style, but this summer of 2020, they outdid themselves. Releasing a series of oversized t-shirts, the put the edgy signatures of skateboard culture on full display. From graffiti-like motifs to ice-cream-like colors, there’s no doubt these pieces will catch anyone’s attention on the street! 

Slogan Tees, Graffiti Style!

Since the rise of luxury streetwear, oversized tees have become a dime a dozen. Practically every underground label has made it part of their company aesthetic. But this summer, Lightning Bear took it up a notch further. With strong graffiti-like slogans imprinted on their enlarged silhouettes, they show off a new attitude that are completely unmatched. 

The quirky slogan, “Shake Well” adds a mischievous touch to an otherwise touch and edgy offering. A bit of humor goes a long way in fashion, particularly with streetwear. It’s safe to say that this brand did it right! 

Image from Lightning Bear's Instagram page
Image from Lightning Bear’s Instagram page

Skateboard Culture is Alive and Well

Notably, what this new offering proves is that skateboard culture is alive and well! In fact, Lightning Bear isn’t the only brand to touch on this sub-culture. Berlin-based label Civilist also referenced it in their spring 2020 collection. And there’s no doubt that other streetwear names, possibly even the big ones, will follow suit!  

Lightning Bear’s Big Beginnings

It’s no surprise that many of Lightning Bear’s signature tees are oversized. Established back in 2010, this Shanghai-based label was originally geared towards bigger-sized streetwear fans. It was one of few who catered to this often-forgotten market. Moreover, they’ve collaborated with various pop culture behemoths to come up with cool new products, including Nintendo, Legendary, and more

Check out the full collection on Lightning Bear’s official website. Most of the pieces are available for online purchase now! Afterward, let us know what you think of it by sharing your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below! 

Written by Tonie Ong

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