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Li-Ning Takes Vintage To The Future In Fall 2020 Collection

Li-Ning Takes Vintage To The Future In Fall 2020 Collection
Image from Li Ning's Instagram Page/ Michael James Fox

Li Ning has done it again! For the streetwear brand’s fall 2020 collection, they’ve established classic codes of streetwear and turned them on their heads! A sporty mish-mash of vintage styles made modern, their new premium collection puts practicality and fashion in equal measure! And you don’t just see it on the runway models, but on digital models too! 

A 30th Anniversary Special

It’s no surprise that Li-Ning chose to highlight the past with their latest collection for the present (and ultimately, for the future). This new line signals the 30th anniversary of the brand, established by its eponymous Olympic gold medalist founder, Li Ning. The superstar athlete started the label back in 1990 in the hopes of merging sports and style and giving the athletes (and the athletes-at-heart) a fashionable wardrobe fit for their needs. And through the years, it has done just that! 

Classic Aesthetics Made Cool Again

As per usual, sportswear is front and center in Li Ning’s latest collection. Hoodies, tops, and other separates covered in logos and slogans (some even with Chinese characters), color-blocked panel jackets in bright hues, and easy-flowing silhouettes. These are the types of classic streetwear signatures that have helped Li Ning reach the point of their success today, all reworked for a more modern and forward-looking crowd. 

A Streetwise Frontier To The Future

Speaking of forward-looking, the brand’s marketing for the collection even goes a bit further. Instead of the usual fashion spread, Li Ning partnered up with Traum Inc. to come up with a film series for the collection. The mini-films show the collection worn by digital models, a new frontier into streetwear that will likely dominate sooner or later. Yes, even in digital mode, the clothes still stand out in terms of their in-your-face aesthetic. 

Li Ning’s Fall 2020 collection, which was shown in Paris Fashion Week last January, is now available on the brand’s online store. Check the entire collection out and share with us your thoughts and reactions in our comments section! 

Written by Tonie Ong

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