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Legenda Lays Out “Unbalance” Urban Streetwear for Fall 2021

Legenda Lays Out The Unbalance Urbanwear for Fall 2021
Image from Legenda

Normally, looking unbalanced would be a bad thing. However, trust the Japanese to take what’s usually an unwanted quality and turn it into something cool, trendy, yet timeless at the same time. The Japanese streetwear brand, Legenda, just released its fall 2021 collection entitled “Unbalance,” and it looks anything but! 

Upholding Legenda’s Versatile Appeal

When the brand first opened in 2011, Legenda set forth a new template for unisex streetwear. From then until now, they helped champion the Tokyo streetwear aesthetic, a look that other places like Paris and London would soon adopt. They offered trendy staples that anyone can rock, complete with striking imagery, attention-grabbing silhouettes, exceptional materials, and high-quality details. To this day, the Japanese brand has upheld its tradition of breaking down all the barriers in streetwear. 

Unbalance by Legenda
Image from Legenda

A Cool, Slouchy Yet Sporty Look

This season, “cool” doesn’t even begin to describe Legenda’s latest line, “Unbalance.” With their relaxed shapes and oversized silhouettes, it evokes a nonchalant attitude.

Think big sweatshirts, patchwork plaid, and underground graphics that truly speak to the streets. Eco fur blousons and lace-up sweatshirts add a bit more complexity to the collection as well. 

Streetwear Staples with an Urban Appeal

In the end, however, Legenda’s latest offering is simply an array of played-up, twisted, and upgraded streetwear staples. With all the sportswear and casual wear, from the chic bomber jackets to the slogan hoodies, one would think these are common pieces. But the spirit and the style that exhibit are all Legenda’s own. 

Fall 2021 - Legenda
Image from Legenda

Legenda’s Fall 2021 collection, “Unbalanced” is now available on the brand’s online store. Check out the entire line and share with us your thoughts and reactions afterward!

Written by Tonie Ong

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