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Jekeun Spring 2022 Is All About Colorful Wallflowers

Jekeun Spring 2022 Is All About Colorful Wallflowers
Image from Jekeun/

London-based brand, Jekeun, aims to dress conjures up the multiple “Layers of Wallflower” for spring 2022. But what does that look like, exactly? Lots of colors, some bits of shine, and a new twist to tailoring that’s oh so fresh! It’s no wonder the label is grabbing a lot of attention these days. 

A Mixture of Cultures

South Korean designer Jekeun Cho founded his eponymous label when he moved to London. Born with a Japanese heritage, he initially studied law in China before relocating to the UK to work in fashion. From his personage to his experiences, he’s gotten introduced to a myriad of cultures, many of which influence his style today. The proof is in his spring 2022 collection. 

Jekeun - Spring 2022
Image from Jekeun/

A Play on Traditional Tailoring

In his latest line, Jekeun played with traditional tailoring—a major London staple. From reconstructed suits to quirky cut-outs, the clothes have fascinating disruptive energy, even down to the simplest pieces. They’re the kind of pieces that club kids would wear as they party all night long in the big city. 

A Lot of Bursts of Color

A huge focal point is also the burst of different hues, each more eye-popping than the next. Think multi-color plaids, psychedelic prints, and more. A sparking lamé pair of tangerine shorts were already showstopping enough, but Jekeun dared to pair it with a silky cobalt blue blazer. And the result is nothing short of stunning! 

Spring 2022 - Jekeun
Image from Jekeun/

Wait until spring 2022 to get your hands on the pieces from this Jekeun collection. For now, visit the brand’s official website to view the entire collection. Afterward, share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below!

Written by Tonie Ong

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