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Inside the Frontrvnners Mindset

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StreetwearTalk’s BrandWatch series goes around the world to give you the inside scoop on little-known brands with big ideas. This issue tells the story of Vancouver-based Frontrvnners —one that proves success comes with loyalty to one’s craft.

Luck is often one of the biggest factors to making it in the fashion industry. Many have risen to the status of fashion superstar just by being in the right place at the right time.

As for the rest, growing one’s fashion label is often a slow, stressful, and risky grind. Difficult as it is, however, the grind makes victory all the sweeter, as is the case with the Frontrvnners brand.

Loyalty Initially…

Frontrvnners had its humble beginnings in 2012 as the first project of entrepreneur Joshua Jackai, fueled by a passion for graphic design and a mantra of “loyalty initially royalty infinitely”. This mantra—that dedication to one’s craft will be rewarded—would eventually prove itself over the years.

Since its inception, Frontrvnners has been steadily growing and continues to expand to this day. The brand has taken on marketing work producing bespoke clothing for local influencers around Vancouver. With the help of a select list of international distributors, the brand has also gone global, taking the Frontrvnners message to every corner of the world.

…Royalty Infinitely

Just as it has with its founder and creator, the Frontrvnner mantra is very tightly woven into the identity of the brand. Messages and graphics such as “Move In Silence” and the “Guardian Angel” motif empower and encourage one to commit to their craft. These are then backed by premium fabrics and materials to create rugged yet comfortable pieces that endure the test of time.

Does their message inspire you to become a Frontrvnner? Let us know in the comments and on our social media pages. And keep it tuned to StreetwearTalk for more of the latest streetwear news.

Written by Ralph Trayfalgar

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