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IABO Adds Flair to Streetwear with Contemporary Art

It is no doubt that art and fashion share something in common hence both serve as a form of self-expression. IABO showcases colorful prints straight out of the canvas and into the fabric, bridging the gap between contemporary art and fashion. Catch a glimpse of IABO’s creations drenched in colors with a spritz of style and humor!

Transforming Contemporary Art into Streetwear

Photos from IABO’s official Facebook page

Italian artist IABO is taking the world by storm as he leads us into his unconventional gallery-studio,  a haven for his eye-popping artworks. Besides being renowned in the urban art world, his medium also extends to streetwear.  IABO’s works are game-changing in both the artsy fashion and Italy’s artistic legacy.

Streetwear Geared with Pops of Color

Photo from IABO’s official Facebook page

IABO’s streetwear line offers an array of pencil skirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, trendy tote bags, and even suits! All designed with prints of his masterpieces. His prints manifest a pop art impression with a solid explosion of colors, accentuating geometric linework. Moreover, the mid-career artist has an eye for balancing a fun yet elegant look.

Signature Character in Every Garment

Photo from IABO’s official Facebook page

In both IABO’s artworks and apparel, he makes sure to display his signature character along with comical illustrations to whip that personal touches in his creations. Additionally, each character exhibits a variety of color palettes. Another one of his notable works is his take on popular brands, namely the “Tempi Durex”— a part of his limited-edition collection, available in tote bags, sweatshirts, and skirts.

Are you ecstatic about more of IABO’s works? Then why not go check out his official page IABO WORLD and witness his latest pieces. Before you go don’t forget to leave a comment below, share your sentiments, reactions, and maybe even some styling tips!

Written by Anna Galvez

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