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How Wrung Uses Heritage to Push Fashion Forward

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StreetwearTalk’s BrandWatch series showcases some of the hottest brands you may have never heard of before. French streetwear label Wrung is under our spotlight for this issue, whose extensive history brings France’s urban heritage to the world.

Heritage is a concept that matters a lot to streetwear fans. Since clothing is often a part of skate, hip-hop, and other subcultures, wearing clothes associated with them shows that one is a part of that subculture and its history. This history is one of the factors behind the rise of such streetwear icons as Stüssy and Supreme.

Of course, streetwear icons are not the only ones with heritage. Just outside of the English-speaking mainstream are all sorts of streetwear labels with equally interesting histories. One such brand is called Wrung.


Wrung was established by a group of Parisian graffiti artists at the height of the French street art scene in the 90s. Guided by a shared love of the urban arts, the brand would start out by releasing limited-edition t-shirts with original graffiti-inspired graphics. With fresh designs backed by high-quality fabrics, Wrung would eventually find its footing in the French streetwear scene.

Fast-forward two decades later, and the label will have cemented itself as a prime example of independent French urban fashion. Today, the brand has fans from all around the world and frequently collaborates with local artists in support of French street culture.


In recent years, Wrung has moved away from its graffiti roots. Now the brand positions itself as a casual sportswear label with modern looks that better cater to modern wardrobes.

There is no denying that Wrung’s shift away from its stylistic roots might put off longtime patrons. However, one of the benefits of an extensive brand heritage is that the brand can move forward and explore new styles and ideas while staying true to their roots by growing and evolving with the urban art it started with in 1995. And if their enduring success is any indication, Wrung will continue on as a paragon of French street culture.

What do you think of Wrung’s extensive history and heritage-inspired styles? Tell us about it in the comments section, and keep following StreetwearTalk for the latest streetwear news.

Written by Ralph Trayfalgar

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