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GAONCREW Takes Streetwear To A New “Voyage” This Spring 2021

GAONCREW Takes Streetwear To A New "Voyage" This Spring 2021
Image from GAONCREW

Even though 2020—and probably most of 2021 as well—was spent indoors and at home, fashion never stopped looking forward. And that includes GAONCREW too! This spring 2021, the Chinese streetwear label releases a “Voyage,” a new collection that the romance of travel has inspired. You’ll certainly miss the outdoors once you look at the pieces! 

Inspired by The Planet

An orange sunset, snow-ladened mountains, and a lone fading moon in a bare sky. These are just some of the imageries that inspire GAONCREW’s latest collection, “Voyage.” Through faded tones of orange and blue, the label translated these beautiful natural phenomena into oversized tees, denim pieces, sporty outerwear, and the like. 

Voyage Spring 2021 by GAONCREW
Image from GAONCREW

A Myriad of Motifs

Apart from natural beauty, other motifs have also come into play in this collection. There’s, of course, the touch of logomania, presented in both contemporary boldness and quirky nods to retro style. They appear in everything, from the sturdiest of outerwear to the softest leisure pieces in the line. 

Ruggedly Refined With A Hint of Casual Coolness

Despite its slightly romantic overtone, the collection looks as rugged as ever, apt for the edgy customers of GAONCREW. They fit today’s casual standards, emitting an easiness that’s approachable and simple, yet impactful in its own way too. Manipulations in color and fabric reveal further dimensions of the label. 

GAONCREW Spring 2021
Image from GAONCREW

GAONCREW Store Opening in Shanghai

GAONCREW’s “Voyage” spring 2021 collection is now available on their official website. Check out the entire line and share with us your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below!

Written by Tonie Ong

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