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Forty Clothing Champions Youthful and Ethical Streetwear

Forty Clothing Champions Youthful and Ethical Streetwear
Image from Forty Clothing official website

With the streetwear market growing more and more, it’s nice to know that there are some that stick to their core no matter what. Case in point: Forty Clothing. This Scottish label not only excels in streetwear, but they make it a point to always look ahead with sustainability, a youthful edge, and a personal touch. 

Homegrown Streetwear

As stated on their website, Forty Clothing is ‘born and bred in Glasgow.’ Though it was only established in 2014, it has since grown into one of Scotland’s premier ready-to-wear brands. But even as they’ve reached this point, Forty clothing remains true to their identity, often instilling a personal touch here and there. The most prominent of which is its logo: a scribble by a 3-year-old.

Forty Clothing Hoodie
Image from Forty Clothing official website

Some Sportiness Kicked In

Of course, as it is a streetwear brand, Forty Clothing mixed in some sportiness for good measure. They come by way of logo-ed tees and sweatshirts, cozy hoodies, and matching tracksuits. They present an easiness fit for maximum agency, all while proudly showing off the brand’s signature youthful edge. 

Sustainability Reigns Supreme

Forty Clothing focuses on sustainability as well, going for recycled fabrics and reusable materials to update their designs. Organic textiles also come to play, helping champion a movement that’s been taking over the streetwear market for years now. With this, they’re able to reach more customers who seek brands that help such a cause. 

Forty Clothing
Image from Forty Clothing official website

Check out all of Forty Clothing’s amazing pieces on their online store now. hey even have a ‘Youth‘ line for kids and pre-teens! Afterward, share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below! 

Written by Tonie Ong

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