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Fendace Highlights Fendi and Versace Powerhouse Collaboration

Fendace Highlights Fendi and Versace Powerhouse Collaboration
Image from Fendi & Versace

Always expect the unexpected when it comes to fashion! At the end of the spring 2022 Milan Fashion Week, two of Italy’s biggest fashion houses, Fendi and Versace, surprised the industry with a collab fashion show for the ages! Introducing “Fendace,” a union of two of the most iconic brands in fashion history! 

A Collaboration between Two Italian Powerhouses

To say that the Fendace collab is a big deal is an understatement. For the first time in Milan Fashion Week’s history, two of its biggest names have partnered up. On one end, there’s Fendi, a huge institution in Italian fashion that was founded in 1925. Since then, the global fur and luxury powerhouse has set the standard for Alta Moda. Meanwhile, Versace, which was founded in 1978, has made a name of itself as the stamp of glamour and trendsetter in Milan and beyond. 

Fendi x Versace Spring 2022
Image from Fendi & Versace

The Clash of Signatures

As you probably expected, the Fendace show was a pure convergence of the two label’s most impactful signatures. Right of the bat, Versace, under Donatella Versace’s tutelage, laid out its iconic brand of ostentatious sex appeal. Think brightly-hued bathing suits, safety pin embellishments, and slinky chainmail dresses. Mixed in with Fendi’s own elegant tailoring and smart use of fur, it added a bit of Italian class to the whole thing. 

Logomania Strikes Again

It’s not an Italian fashion moment without a bit of logomania! And since these two global brands know a lot about branding, it’s only natural that they piled on the monograms and the symbols for this Fendace collab. Suits decked out in the iconic “F” monogram yet labeled with an all-capital “VERSACE” stood out. As did the latter house’s signature baroque prints that harken back to the OG Gianni Versace days. The show made it all the more nostalgic when they trotted out the iconic supermodels of that era: Kristen McNemany, Shalom Harlow, and of course, Naomi Campbell. 

Watch the entire Fendi x Versace “Fendace” show below:

There’s no telling when Fendi, Versace, or any other Italian brand would collaborate unexpectedly again. But now that this historic fashion moment has happened, it’s all the more likely that other fashion powerhouses, both in Milan and beyond, may follow suit! Share your thoughts and reactions to the Fendace collaboration in our comments section below! 

Written by Tonie Ong

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