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Facetasm Favors Faux Fur for Winter 2021/2022

Facetasm Favors Faux Fur for Winter 2021:2022
Image from Facetasm/

Wearing fur may seem passé, but for the Japanese streetwear brand, Facetasm, it can also look current and sustainable. Yes! Fur can actually be sustainable. At least, when it’s faux fur! This is the only time where you ought to feel more comfortable wearing something fake. 

Changing the Zeitgeist Again

Ever since he founded Facetasm back in 2007, Hiromichi Ochiai has consistently changed the zeitgeist of fashion at every moment. So it’s no surprise that he’s dipping his toes into a sustainable style that favors faux fur, which barely harms any animals than actual animal skins, for a special capsule collection for winter 2021/2022. This new approach stays in line with his brand’s ethos is

“creating cultural movements that live in and through fashion.”

Facetasm Winter 2021:2022
Image from Facetasm/

A Casual Take on Fur

More than just the sustainable way, Ochiai’s new faux fur capsule line for Facetasm also destructs the dressier notions of fur and makes it more casual. Instead of just full-blown coats that pair well with suits and slip dresses, the oversized silhouettes take on a trendier 21st-century look. They now match well with sweatsuits and jeans too!

As Stylish and Streetwise as Ever!

Even beyond outerwear, Facetasm also applied faux fur into its mane streetwear staples. An oversized sweater lined with a mohair torso, for instance, gives more dimension to the casual piece that makes it look more luxe.  The same goes for a wide blazer patchworked with frizzy leopard print for a snazzier aesthetic. 

Winter - Facetasm 2021:2022
Image from Facetasm/

Facetasm’s faux fur winter 2021/2022 line is now available on the brand’s website. Check out the entire collection and share your thoughts and reaction in our comments section below.

Written by Tonie Ong

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