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Dolly Noire Flexes Edgy Graphic Design in Elysium Spring 2020 Collection

Dolly Noire Elysium Spring 2020 Featured image
image from Dolly

Italian streetwear brand Dolly Noire started out as a t-shirt brand by four friends in Milan. Over time, they’ve mastered streetwear as they expanded their label. So they know that in this business, you either go big or go home. And for their Elysium spring 2020 collection, they went big with graphics! Their latest offering gives huge emphasis on traditional Japanese illustrations.

Japanese Folklore Made Street

It’s as if the folks behind Dolly Noire all took graphic design courses, seeing how incredible their printed tees look! Featuring old-school Japanese-style illustration, the pieces sort of have a slightly exotic touch, without, however, sacrificing the overall streetwear edge.

A particular standout is an oversized white tee. Plain on the front, anyone would get one hell of a surprise once he/she sees the massive red dragon tattoo-like graphic on the back. The women’s cropped tops, on the other hand, are made softer and more elegant with floral drawings with the gentlest of strokes. 

image from Dolly

Pops of Color Make All The Difference

The graphic strength of this Dolly Noire offering continues on with how they incorporate different colors. In the outerwear pieces, the dark neutrals are offset brilliantly with bright pops of yellow, looking straight out of futuristic space-age fantasy. 

Some, on the other hand, were combined with a beautiful painting-like graphic, adding a bit of soul to the otherwise edgy looks. They look as if they’re portals to an underwear world, further pushing this tinge of anime into the overall look. 

Neon Tees: Simple with an Impact

But for those who want simpler options, Dolly Noire’s spring 2020 t-shirt collection offers pops of color that will surely make an impact. The brightness of their hues alone will catch anyone’s eyes. And for an added bonus, a small zip-up pocket on the front adds a little dimension. 

What do you think of Dolly Noire’s Elysium Spring 2020 collection? Are up for all the graphic design or would you rather go for the simple yet eye-popping neon hues? Check out the full collection by clicking here

Written by Tonie Ong

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