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  • Stüssy Gives Workwear a Softer and More Elegant Edge

    Stüssy Gives Workwear a Softer and More Elegant Edge

    Softer Suiting  From starting out with oversized tops for skateboarding, Stüssy has certainly come a long way in the fashion industry. Now, as part of their sophisticated new offering, they’ve gone unto suiting territory. Their soft separates aren’t exactly world-class tailoring, but their refined enough for the loyal Stüssy fans that have all grown up […] More

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    Interview x Pain Killer Atelier’s Creative Director

    We recently had the chance to interview Siriorn, the Creative Director behind PAINKILLER – a Menswears label based in Bangkok which honors uniqueness in their design. 1. What is the startup story behind Painkiller Atelier? I started the brand 11 years ago as a graduate project while studying Menswear Design in Paris. When I got […] More

  • Bape x Coach Featured Image - Input Mag

    BAPE Offers A New Luxurious Look for Streetwear in Collab with Coach

    Japanese streetwear behemoth BAPE has upgraded its latest collection to luxurious new heights. In collaboration with American leather goods brand Coach, they instilled a new elegance to their usually edgy styles. And yet, their offering still looks as loud, colorful, and bombastic as ever.  Check out some of the collection’s highlights in the gallery below: […] More

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    Interview x Dopesque Clothing – Founder

    Interview x Dopesque Clothing 1. What is the start-up story behind Dopesque? The truth is this company was something I never expected to start. Dopesque was not something I created at first. It actually a website that sold NY based hip-hop apparel. I happened to purchase a lot of products from them and they saw […] More

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    Interview x Planet Brooklyn Academy

    1. What is the start up story behind Planet Brooklyn Academy? I first created and launched the brand back in 1997. The idea comes from my experience from living and being raised in the Borough of Brooklyn. As a kid growing up, everyone from BK knew it as the Planet – Simply because you can […] More

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    Interview x No Love City – Josh Hamond

    Interview x No Love City 1. What is the start-up story behind No Love City? No Love City, as a clothing brand, came about as a natural progression of my previous hobby/side gig of working with music. I was producing, beat making, and mixing. I put together a couple mixtapes called No Love City. I […] More

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    Interview x Dreamseller Brand – Mizzu Zarrataj

    When Passion Pays 1. What is the start-up story behind Dreamseller Brand? Dreamseller Brand started in the early 2014 with a dream and passion that I had back when I was 15 in 2007 but back then I don’t have any skills and resources to start a brand. So, fast forward in 2014 when I […] More

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    Interview x Two Ton Murphy – Peter Crowley

    Your Irish Streetwear Select 1. What is the start-up story behind Two Ton Murphy Clothing? It’s simple really. Being a proud Irishman I was sick to the back teeth of the way my country and culture was being represented from a clothing and apparel perspective. If it wasn’t shamrock riddled crimes against fashion it was […] More

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    Interview x Girls With Gunz Clothing

    1. What is the start-up story behind Girls With Gunz? GWG started as a photography project our co-founder (and my sister) Estée created by styling and shooting women in our community in editorial settings. As costume designers by trade we got sick of having to alter clothing so we began designing our own apparel to […] More

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    Vetements Founder Demna Gvasalia Talks About Fashion

    Vetements Founder Demna Gvasalia Shares Thoughts On Elegance And Streetwear Vetements founder Demna Gvasalia sat down for an interview with The Guardian. The designer, who is also the creative director of Balenciaga, talks about fashion and why elegance is irrelevant.   Vetements recently took part in the ultra-chunky sneaker trend with its collaboration with SWEAR […] More

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    Interview x Stephanie Park of Standard Deviation

    Interview x Stephanie Park   What is the start-up story behind Standard Deviation? We began our careers together in finance, but quickly realized that creating a menswear brand would be a much more interesting challenge. After college, the idea of dressing our friends became our inspiration. Striking out in New York City, they were seeking […] More

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    Interview x Spandex Stampede Clothing

      SPNDX Clothing – Exclusive Interview   What’s the startup story behind SpndxStampede?   Spandex Stampede is really the accumulation of various events which has lead up to this point where we put on events, have a cycling kit line, our recent introduction of our casual line and now building content around the athletes which we […] More

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