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The Burning Passion of Stay Cold Apparel

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StreetwearTalk’s BrandWatch series explores wardrobe-worthy concepts from the hottest brands in independent fashion. Berlin’s Stay Cold Apparel is under the spotlight for this issue.

Tattoo culture has always had a strong connection to the supernatural. Many early cultures saw tattoos as having magical powers and would apply them to the body as a form of spiritual protection.

Nowadays, tattoos have found fans from a different kind of spiritual crowd. Because of tattoo’s foreign roots, a part of Western tattoo culture has fused the art with Gothic influences and occult mythology. And from this, fashion labels like Stay Cold Apparel are bringing this unique brand of tattoo art straight to your wardrobe.

“Defeat Conformity”

Stay Cold Apparel is a small independent fashion label from Berlin, Germany. Its founder, Maximilian Abraham, started the brand in 2016 after leaving a previous career in graphic design. Stay Cold Apparel has since made a name for itself by carving out a very specific niche.

Guided by a mantra of “Defeat Conformity”, Stay Cold Apparel’s designs draw upon occult and macabre influences aimed squarely at the gothic and punk fashion market. The brand collaborates with various tattoo artists from around the world to produce limited-edition runs of their designs. This novel business model helps give each design an air of exclusivity not achieved with typical clothing production.

The Heat of Passion

Despite its dark themes and graphics, Stay Cold Apparel holds a very bright future. At its core, the label is a passion project run by people who care about what they wear. For this reason, each design carries with it a genuine love for the art that is seldom seen in mainstream fashion.

Does Stay Cold Apparel deserve a spot in your fashion rotation? Let us know in the comments, and keep it tuned to StreetwearTalk for the latest in streetwear news.

Written by Ralph Trayfalgar

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