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How Fulwood London Redefines Owning A Piece Of Clothing

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StreetwearTalk’s BrandWatch series brings you an inside look on streetwear’s underrated names, showing you fresh styles otherwise never seen before. This installment takes a look at Britain’s Fulwood London, whose unique approach to fashion rethinks what it means to own a piece of clothing.

The tattoo is arguably the most personal form of self-expression. After all, not many things express one’s personality quite like something permanently inked into your skin. While this permanence puts a lot of people off from the idea of getting a tattoo, UK-based Fulwood London is doing its part to bridge the world of tattoo art and fashion in a unique and meaningful way.

Fulwood London’s Tattooed T-Shirt

One of the reasons why tattoo art is so personal is that tattoo designs are usually completely unique designs. This gives it a lot of sentimental value both to the person getting the tattoo and the tattoo artist themselves. However, this idea runs opposite to the easily-copied and often mass-produced nature of apparel.

Fulwood London manages to solve this problem by meeting both sides halfway. The brand collaborates with tattoo artists from across the UK to create designs that are released on limited-edition runs of only 25 units per design.

This limited-run approach treats the designs and their designers with the same kind of reverence seen in the tattoo industry. At the same time, it lets buyers own a piece of apparel that they can say is truly one-of-a-kind.

The Designs

With real tattoo artists behind each of their designs, Fulwood London’s selections carry a degree of authenticity that couldn’t otherwise be achieved by a regular graphic designer.

With every shirt, cap, and hoodie is a piece of a rich culture with a deep and storied history. This shows in Fulwood London’s brand philosophy, that takes extra care to keep the flame of tattoo culture burning brightly—even if you don’t want any actual ink on your skin.

What are your thoughts on Fulwood London’s unique tattoos-on-apparel approach? Let us know in the comments, and keep following StreetwearTalk to bring you more brands from the underground.

Written by Ralph Trayfalgar

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