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How Dolly Noire Stands Out as the Black Sheep of Milanese Streetwear

dolly noire sion fw20 collection

StreetwearTalk’s BrandWatch series is our showcase of some of the best … indie fashion has to offer. This issue explores Milan-based Dolly Noire, whose style and success story is a rebellious stand against the titans of Milanese streetwear.

You can’t have a discussion about the fashion capitals of the world without at least a passing mention of Milan. Home to names such as Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, and Gucci, Milan represents the pinnacle of European luxury fashion. Because of this reputation, designers who want to make a name for themselves in the city are often pressed to follow similar styles.

But as with many things in life, there is success to be found by doing things a little differently. This brings us to the story of streetwear label Dolly Noire.

Four Friends and a Bench

The story of Dolly Noire begins in 2004 with four friends and a bench. Founders Daniele Crepaldi, Alexander Malandar, Federico Ferrero, and Gioele Castelvetere came up with their brand concept while at their usual hangout area with a bench—their first shirt design.

Over the following years, the four friends would continue to gradually grow their business while pursuing separate fields of study. By 2013, Dolly Noire would be established as a fully-fledged fashion label with a sizable presence in its native Milan.

The Black Sheep, Dolly Noire

When appraising Dolly Noire, it is important to consider the additional context that its branding provides. The name of the black sheep Dolly Noire is a paradox—a contrast between the homogeneity of the cloned sheep Dolly and the uniqueness of a black sheep. This ties into the brand’s ethos of individuality, self-identity, and the desire to stand out.

Staying true to this idea, Dolly Noire explores more adventurous concepts in their latest releases for 2020. Their dystopian-themed Elysium SS20 and Sion FW20 collections showcase loud prints and bold graphics over techwear-inspired silhouettes to form a futuristic 2020 lookbook to stand out as the black sheep against the more traditional fits of Milan.

Does Dolly Noire stand out enough to be in your wardrobe? Tell us about it in the comments below, and stay tuned to StreetwearTalk for the latest in streetwear news.

Written by Ralph Trayfalgar

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