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BOBBLEHAUS Launches Gender-Fluid Debut Collection

BOBBLEHAUS Launches Gender-Fluid Debut Collection
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Attention all streetwear fans! There’s a new brand in town that you all need to pay attention to, BOBBLEHAUS. A fusion of New York style with a bit of that Shanghai edginess, this new label aims to uphold gender-fluid and genderless fashion for the upscale streetwear market. And their debut collection looks to succeed doing just that! 

Elevated Sportswear Basics

“BOBBLEHAUS believes people are attracted to great design, regardless of the gender it’s categorized under and who should tell others how they wear it. BOBBLEHAUS also believes that there is something sexy about a guy wearing a woman’s shirt, as it is sexy for a woman to wear a man’s shirt. It doesn’t matter as long as it looks good and feels so comfortable. The answer is as simple as that.” shared Ophelia Chen, the brand’s CEO. 

With their strong focus on luxe fabrics and first-class textiles, their first range of sportswear basics exhibits an elevated upscale look. On the surface, their debut collection may seem like your typical line of holders, tracksuits, sweaters, and more. But upon feeling the pieces yourself, you’ll know that it adheres to the standards of luxury streetwear.

Bobblehaus Debut Collection
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A Tasty Palette

Not to mention their “tasty” color palette. For their first-ever offering, BOBBLEHAUS made use of fruity and floral hues to render their luxurious streetwear pieces. They even picked out special names for the colors, such as “Watermelon pink,” “Orchid purple,” and “Green Tea.” 

Some Tailoring for Good Measure

Still, even with their strong focus on streetwear, they didn’t fail to showcase their tailoring chops either! A few pieces made use of classic clothing construction, further emphasizing their lazer-sharp focus on providing gender-fluid luxury pieces. Such looks include a vibrantly pink set of separates and a brown plaid suit.  

BOBBLEHAUS’s first-ever collection will drop on May 15, 2020. However, you can pre-order some of their items on their official online store now! Check the whole collection out and share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below! 

Written by Tonie Ong

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