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BLESS Upcycles Nike Sweats & Levi’s Denim Together Again

BLESS x Nike x Levi's Featured Image

BLESS does it again! The emerging streetwear brand worked with Nike and Levi’s once again to come up with two new exciting pairs of track pants. This time, however, they went with a monotone look of two excitingly elegant colors: cream and black. The results show their sophisticated touch. 


Night and Day Colorways

Though BLESS has done this sort of mishmash before, their approach this time around shows a more experienced touch. In their first try at this upscaling collaboration, they didn’t even bother to make both sides match. They retained the classic Levi’s blue denim and popular grey-toned Nike jersey for the looks. 

 Though the results looked runway-ready in their edgy streetwise look, they also slightly looked amateurish. While novel-looking, they fell short in creating a new vibe for their new approach.

But with these new cream and black options, the upcycling mishmash looks a lot more effortless. With how well they matched the similarly-toned jersey and denim, you can barely see the clash of textiles. 

Proudly Showing Off the Logos

What you will notice, however, are both brands’ logos. BLESS opted to still show off these iconic stamps in a way to show appreciation for their collaborators

The classic Nike swish is clear on the front of the pairs. Set near the front pocket, the entire piece almost looks like it came from their premium collection of sportswear.

But turn to its back and you’ll also see Levi’s jeans classic logo seal by the waistline. Not to mention that eye-catching red tab by the back pocket. 


Sophisticated Sustainability

Notably, these pairs prove that upcycling can look both easy and elegant. That the end-results need not look like they were patched-up together in a gimmicky made-for-Instagram kind of streetwear look. Sustainable style takes a more sophisticated route with these new options! 

What do you think of these two new upcycled pairs from BLESS? Did they better in upcycling with Nike and Levi’s this time around? You can buy them now via MATCHESFASHION! 

Written by Tonie Ong

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