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Bianca Saunders x Wrangler Fall 2021 Embraces The Worn-Out Look

Bianca Saunders x Wrangler Embraces The Worn-Out Look
Image from Bianca Saunders/

For fall 2021, the Bianca Saunders x Wrangler collaboration returns with a fascinating approach that, for many out there, fits today’s times. Packed with surrealist influences and a rustic color palette, the new collection breathes a new life to the “work-out look.” It further emphasizes that just because something looks old, doesn’t mean it’s out-of-fashion! 

A Fruitful Partnership

Fall 2021 isn’t the first season that sees British menswear designer Bianca Saunders collaborating with Wrangler. This new partnership started all the way back in September 2021. They even showed their first collection together during the Spring 2021 London Fashion Week. This new line continues the tradition, combining the designer’s signature relaxed aesthetics with the workwear brand’s quality denim. 

Bianca Saunders x Wrangler Fall 2021
Image from Bianca Saunders/

Emphasizing The Worn-Out Look

With its creased imagery and simple cuts, the collaborations display the “worn-out look,” emphasizing Wrangler‘s industrial origins. Most pieces look as if they’ve been around for years, highlighting secondhand chicness at its finest. Perhaps it’s a lesson on how recycle clothes isn’t all that bad? Such a message certainly seems fitting during these trying times with both the environment and the global pandemic. 

Surrealist Influences

This new collection comes with Bianca Saunders’ own new Fall 2021 collection, “Superimposed.” She got her inspiration from Jean Cocteau’s 1930 avant-garde film, “The Blood of The Poet.” Both her main-line and the collaboration do show off surrealist influences, both with the overall style and cuts within the pieces. “This season was all about Superimposing, replacing one thing so that both things are evident,” Saunders stated. 

The new Bianca Saunders x Wrangler fall 2021 line is yet to be available on the designer’s official website. However, you can see the entire lookbook of their previous collaboration for spring 2021 there now. Take a look and share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below!

Written by Tonie Ong

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