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  • UNDONE Guess Who's BackCollection Sees The Return of Mickey Mouse
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    UNDONE “Guess Who’s Back”Collection Sees The Return of Mickey Mouse

    Looking at the time never looked this cute! The contemporary Hong Kong-based watch brand, UNDONE, has revealed one of their first collections for 2022. The “Guess Who’s Back” timepiece features the return of Mickey Mouse, the beloved cartoon character from Walt Disney, on their latest mode’s face. And it’s one of the cutest things the […] More

  • Facetasm Favors Faux Fur for Winter 2021:2022
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    Facetasm Favors Faux Fur for Winter 2021/2022

    Wearing fur may seem passé, but for the Japanese streetwear brand, Facetasm, it can also look current and sustainable. Yes! Fur can actually be sustainable. At least, when it’s faux fur! This is the only time where you ought to feel more comfortable wearing something fake.  Changing the Zeitgeist Again Ever since he founded Facetasm […] More

  • Legenda Lays Out The Unbalance Urbanwear for Fall 2021
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    Legenda Lays Out “Unbalance” Urban Streetwear for Fall 2021

    Normally, looking unbalanced would be a bad thing. However, trust the Japanese to take what’s usually an unwanted quality and turn it into something cool, trendy, yet timeless at the same time. The Japanese streetwear brand, Legenda, just released its fall 2021 collection entitled “Unbalance,” and it looks anything but!  Upholding Legenda’s Versatile Appeal When […] More

  • UNIQLO +J Fall 2021 Collection Offers Class and Comfort
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    Jil Sander x UNIQLO’s +J Fall 2021 Collection Offers Class and Comfort

    Greys and earthy browns never looked this good! These somber tones render the fall 2021 collection of the highly-anticipated Jil Sander x UNIQLO collab, +J. Sporting simple yet comfy styles, they’re providing convenience and class this season, complete with a ton of popular staples, a slew of new pieces, and more!  Coming Through with Comfort, […] More

  • Kapital Fall 2021 Promotes Peace and Comfort
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    Kapital Fall 2021 Promotes Peace, Comfort, and Happiness

    What does the world need nowadays? According to Japanese streetwear brand, Kapital, it’s peace. As well as love, comfort, and a whole lot of happiness! The brand’s fall 2021 collection centers on clothes and accessories that will definitely bring a smile to everyone’s faces.  Continuing Kapital’s Handcrafted Tradition Ever since the brand started back in […] More

  • Fendace Highlights Fendi and Versace Powerhouse Collaboration
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    Fendace Highlights Fendi and Versace Powerhouse Collaboration

    Always expect the unexpected when it comes to fashion! At the end of the spring 2022 Milan Fashion Week, two of Italy’s biggest fashion houses, Fendi and Versace, surprised the industry with a collab fashion show for the ages! Introducing “Fendace,” a union of two of the most iconic brands in fashion history!  A Collaboration […] More

  • Acne Studios Goes Back To Its Roots for Fall 2021
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    Acne Studios Goes Back To Its Roots for Fall 2021

    Sometimes, the best route to take is to go back to basics. At least, that’s what Acne Studios did for Fall 2021. This season, for their denim collection, Acne Studios went back to ther roots, churning out classic casual pieces that are easy to wear and even easier to look good in.  Returning to Red […] More

  • NîMES Offers Summer Streetwear Staples at 70% Off in End of Season Sale
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    NîMES is All About High-Quality Sex Appeal for Men

    A good pair of jeans goes a long way, especially for men! There’s always all this talk about women and their style staples, but what about the guys? They have their own wardrobe needs too, right? Well, British brand NîMES has got you guys covered! Trustworthy for Quality Jeans From what started out as your […] More

  • Nude-Masahiko Takes Oversizing To A Whole New Level
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    Nude: Masahiko Maruyama Takes Oversizing To A Whole New Level

    The Japanese really do have such a distinct taste in fashion. Just take a look at Nude: Masahiko Maruyama, this brand has taken oversizing to a whole new level. Mastering the art of loose silhouettes, this label has marked its own identity in both the streetwear and high fashion worlds!  Seemingly Simple in A Big […] More

  • Ambush Fall 2021 is All About Texturized Streetwear
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    Ambush Fall 2021 is All About Texturized Streetwear

    From soft cashmere to sturdy leather, there’s practically no textile that Japanese brand Ambush didn’t touch for their fall 2021 collection. In their latest luxuriously casual offering, they highlighted textiles and texture as the main focal points. The result? A streetwear collection that’s equal parts sophisticated and equal parts cool! Continuing Their Experimental Tradition Trust […] More

  • Wearebound is All About Elevated Normcore
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    bound is All About Elevated Normcore

    In a world that has faced a global pandemic, wouldn’t it be refreshing to get some sense of normalcy back? Whether you think it’s basic and boring or not, normcore fashion has a certain charm to it. Perhaps it’s why British streetwear brand bound continues to elevate it to more luxurious heights! Combining Contemporary Wear […] More

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