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Our site receives on average 1.5K + unique visitors daily, with 500K+ Page views monthly.

What’s most important, the brands which we selectively present have received high conversion rates when advertising on our sites.

Visitor Demographics

Consumers: Mid to High Socioeconomic Classes,  75% Employed Full Time,

Age: 15-45, median in early 20’s to late 30’s.

Locale: Worldwide. Primary visits: United States, Europe, Canada, China, Singapore, Australia, France, Malaysia

Aside from the street/music/sneaker/art enthusiasts who has a genuine passion for the latest cutting edge fashion, we also have a multicultural network of prominent designers, celebrities, PR/Press, and brand owners who frequent our site.

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Note: Premium ad units are rotated throughout all pages.

1152 x 172 Leaderboards

300 x 247 Squares

758x 113 Rectangles

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