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AME Designer Jacky Ng Introduces New Brand Concept, VNTG MADE

VNTG MADE Summer 2020
Image from Jacky Ng's Instagram page

How could you best express your love for your favorite rock band? Wear them loud and proud! Chinese designer Jacky Ng, the founder of streetwear brand AME, has a new series of rock band tees this summer. A simple way to show off attitude and fandom that’s classic streetwear that will never go out of style!

VNTG MADE: A Simpler Streetwise Style

This summer 2020, designer Jacky Ng has brought vintage-wear back with VNTG MADE. This brand new line puts simplistic streetwear pieces to the forefront, allowing style stars to shine brightly with minimal layers but still packed with a lot of attitude. But don’t get it twisted, these tees may be vintage, but they’re of the highest quality too!

AME Vintage Tees
Image from Jacky Ng’s Instagram page

Wear Your Favorite Band

This series of vintage tees stand out with the many famous logos of some of the most iconic bands in history. The likes of which include The Rolling Stones, Guns’N’Roses, AC-DC, and more. They’re the perfect pieces to wear when going to concerts and music festivals, making everyone know your great taste in music! 

Accessorize with Attitude

Be it in black or white, all you need to accessorize these decorative tees is your attitude. It’s the type of minimalist staple that, while it may look good with other streetwear favorites, all you really need is the swag to really show it off. They’re graphic tees at their finest! 

Check out the entire collection on Jacky Ng’s official Instagram page. And if you want to see his other previous collections, go to AME’s official website! After that, share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below!

Written by Tonie Ong

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