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8and9 Clothing Infuses Anarchist Fashion with Miami Street Scene

Never be afraid to step out of the line. 8and9 Clothing is here to destroy the system in the bustling streets of the streetwear scene. Paraphrasing “anarchist fashion” with their newly designed sweatsuits, integrated with touches of the Miami street scene that emphasize an eloquent attitude and ease on every piece!

The Strength in “Infinite Perfection”

Photo from 8and9 Clothing’s official website

8and9 Clothing’s founder Ray Guibalt noticed himself drawn with the digits eight and nine, therefore ignited the commencement of his fashion legacy. The brand’s core well represents the digits eight and nine: eight symbolizes infinity while nine denotes perfection hence the brand’s watchword: “Infinite perfection”. They are “infinitely perfect” striving for constant improvement by providing top-quality garments while cohering to their roots.

Aggressive and Anti-Establishment

8and9 Clothing is going all-out on releasing that aggressive energy with their latest sweatsuit collection. The brand’s aesthetic is all about expressing that anti-establishment demeanor with touches of re-appropriated pop culture references. In fact, their Combat Nylon Joggers are designed to accentuate footwear, featuring Velcro ankle closures with cargo pockets, a balanced fit between slim and baggy. Their Strapped up Slim Fleece sweatpants and hoodies are constructed with hints of the early 2000s, embellished with straps for a custom fit.

Highlighting the Miami Street Scene

Photo from 8and9 Clothing’s official website

Instilling Miami street style in the fashion arena is the brand’s commitment, with edgy clothing made from lightweight fabric. People may seem to care less about Miami fashion but that does not stop 8and9 Clothing from reviving the Miami street scene with their vibrant graphic shirts and jeans that vary from light to medium wash.

Can’t get enough of their designs? Then why not go check out their official page and see their latest releases. Before you go don’t forget to leave a comment below, share your sentiments, reactions, and maybe even some styling tips!

Written by Anna Galvez

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