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  • Jaxxon Helps Men Shine With Minimal Sparkle
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    Jaxxon Helps Men Shine With Minimal Sparkle

    Who said men couldn’t sparkle? LA-based jewelry brand Jaxxon sure doesn’t agree with that! In recent years, they’ve provided some much-needed shine to all the men out there. And theirs are nothing short of dazzling. Even though they’re mainly simple, sleek, but oh-so-sexy!  Simple with Silver and Gold Having started around 2018, Jaxxon has slowly […] More

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    P&Co: Fashion Established from Passions

    There are times where we just have to let loose of our passions to keep our creative juices flowing, which is why P&Co devotes their clothing line to things they enjoy doing. The brand proudly presents its well-crafted garments with simple silhouettes and custom-made designs. Furthermore, P&Co is all about venturing into a unique route […] More

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    IABO Adds Flair to Streetwear with Contemporary Art

    It is no doubt that art and fashion share something in common hence both serve as a form of self-expression. IABO showcases colorful prints straight out of the canvas and into the fabric, bridging the gap between contemporary art and fashion. Catch a glimpse of IABO’s creations drenched in colors with a spritz of style […] More

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  • Nuevo Club Takes Sportswear Back To Basics
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    Nuevo Club Takes Sportswear Back To Basics

    For UK sportswear brand Nuevo Club, streetwear is all about going back to basics. Simpler silhouettes, neutral tones, quality materials, and a whole lot of confidence. Well, if your body is already looking so good, why layer it up more? The brand’s signature style clearly conveys the old adage: “if you got it, flaunt it!” […] More

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