Kanye West Sued Over YEEZY Season Production

An Istanbul-based agency sued Kanye West over the production of YEEZY season 2, 3, and 4. Derya Gulseven, the owner of Dde Sourcing, claimed that the rapper/designer’s company has not paid his firm.


Apparently, West hired Dde to search for manufacturers in Istanbul. This is to provide textiles for the collections and distribute them in the U.S. The cost for the service amounted to $228,000 USD.

Moreover, West Brands Fashion LLC eliminated Gulseven from the YEEZY Season 2 agreement just a few months before the scheduled delivery date. This led to her allegedly losing her 7 percent commission on the $1.25 million USD order for the season 2 collection. The commission amounted to $87,000 USD.

The agent began working with West Brands in 2015. 

Not Cool, Man

Nonetheless, she continued to work with West Brands for YEEZY Season 3. In her complaint, she also experienced another injustice then. 

The total order for the third collection was for $2.4 million. This would have given her nearly $170,000 USD in commission.

She was paid for her service this time. However, she only received a 4 percent commission of $77,246 USD without explanation for the reduced rate. She also worked on Season 4 production for which she has not received compensation at all.

Gulseven is seeking payment for unpaid wages of $228,000. She is also seeking punitive damages.

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