XLARGE x Dragon Ball Z Capsule Features Kid Trunks, Kid Buu, and Bulma

XLARGE x Dragon Ball Z dropped a capsule collection. Moreover, the pieces come in pretty pastel colorways.


Last month, Adidas released a collaboration with Dragon Ball Z as well. It includes iterations of the ZX500 RM and Yung-1 silhouettes.

The Yung-1 takes its design after Frieza. It features a purple and white colorway. The silhouette comes from an array of premium materials: leather, suede, and corduroy.

The ZX500 RM, on the other hand, takes inspiration from Son Goku. It has an orange base with blue accents.

Pastel Perfect

XLARGE’s Dragon Ball Z collection includes nine short sleeve T-shirts. It also focuses on soft pastel tones that put the spotlight on the classic designs of the popular manga and anime series.

Kid Trunks, Kid Buu, and Bulma are the key characters featured in the capsule. Each of the characters highlight recreations of XLARGE’s established logos.

A notable graphic element includes the original character artwork of Kid Trunk drinking soda in a Capsule Corp. There’s also Bulma wearing one of her signature short hairstyles. Kid Buu, on the other hand, takes on a diabolical position similar to his saga with the Z fighters.

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