Visvim’s Hand Sketching

On the latest Visvim’s Spring/Summer 2018 news, they presented a “Jumbo Hoodie” sketch. This “Jumbo Hoodie” features arabesque designs drawn across the entire hoodie. It was discovered that this hoodie was made using a hand sketching method. Until now, Visvim still hasn’t replaced humans with machines in developing their products.

To make this hand sketching come to life, trained craftsmen used dyes, pigments, or special inks on the fabric. They are very careful in drawing the designs onto each individual T-shirts or each individual fabric. They also got their inspiration from a Japanese “Tegaki Yuzen” (hand-printed kimono).

How It Came To Life

This hand sketching method can be seen earlier in “Edo (Tokyo)Yuzen,” which is very popular among the commoner at that time. And now there are few people who are using this method as it is steadily decreasing due to machines. Labels like Visvim also help to keep this technique alive.

Visvim used the hand sketching for expensive one-of-a-kind items so it is rarely used in mass production. They prefer quality over productivity. It is also time-consuming which can take up two full days per hoodie. Therefore the artisan can only draw two to three fabric panels per day. For more info, follow here.

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