The Surprising Story Behind The Supreme x Hysteric Glamour 2017 “Fuck You” Design

The Supreme x Hysteric Glamour 2017 collection was released earlier this month. Its most prominent feature was the expletives that graced its pieces.


The black version of the “Fuck You” belt was sold out in a mere seconds after it went online. Fans only took 19 seconds to buy out the accessory.

The white version of the belt, which got sold out in 27 seconds, was the second bestseller. The Supreme x Hysteric Glamour 2017 collection also included a white football tee, a sweater, a faux fur coat, a zip up sweatshirt with patches, a work shirt, and a pocket tee.

The Inspiration

Plastic shopping bags reportedly inspired the collection. Two independent shops found in St. Mark’s Place, which was once dubbed as “America’s Coolest Street,” modified the design of classic shopping bags for an edgier look.

These two shops used “Fuck You” instead of “Thank You” on the design. Supreme and Hysteric Glamour paid homage to the design with their most recent collaboration.

Rock’n’roll emporium Trash and Vaudeville was situated at the top end of St. Mark’s until last year. On the other hand, Search & Destroy, a Japanese-owned second-hand store, sells vintage punk clothing and memorabilia.

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