RIPNDIP Fall/Winter 2017 Collection Showcases Brand’s Iconic Character

The RIPNDIP Fall/Winter 2017 collection dropped just last weekend. The assortment still features the brand’s iconic character, LORD NERMAL.


RIPNDIP recently released its lineup for the season. The streetwear brand is popular for its bold, fun-loving designs.

The latest range for the cold weather places the label’s beloved LORD NERMAL mascot at the forefront. The character poses in all the pieces including jackets, hoodies, long sleeve crewnecks, t-shirts, and accessories.

Just A Feline Flipping The Bird

LORD NERMAL is a badass feline. The iconic character’s pose in the collection is that of flipping the bird.

RIPNDIP places its mascot over camo-printed backgrounds and even strapped with angel wings. There is also one piece where it posed alongside Vincent van Gogh’s renowned self-portrait painting.

The “Van Nermal Tee” comes in two variations: black and white. It costs $30 USD. There is also a varsity jacket in the collection retails at $100 USD. It comes in burgundy and mint.

The “Praying Hands Twill Jacket” comes in an Army Camo design. It will set you back $100 USD. A “Nermal Camo Sweater” ($60 USD) is available in Green Camo and a cute Purple Camo design.

Meanwhile, a “Christmas Nerm Doll” ($40 USD) is a plush LORD NERMAL toy in a festive Santa Claus outfit. It stands at 18 inches tall and 14 inches wide.

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