Featured Product: Operation Chiin Chilla Beanies

Operation Chiin Chilla beanies are what you need right now. The accessories come in fun and interesting designs as well as eye-catching colors.


Gene Contreras founded Operation Chiin Chilla when he moved to Shanghai, China. He played around with drawing and ideas for a fashion brand which eventually became a reality.

In our interview with him, Mr. Contreras talked about the business and what challenges he had to face before achieving his accomplishments now. He admitted that manufacturing was difficult when they started but he and his brand were able to get through it. His advise is to just keep on hustling to make your dreams come true.

Beanie Bonanza

The featured products on OCC’s web store are four beanies. This includes the La Rana Pattern Cuffed Beanie, the Brick Chiin Chilla Beanie, the OCC Icon Face Cuff Beanie in charcoal, and the OCC Icon Face Cuff Beanie in DNA Red.

The La Rena Pattern Cuffed Beanie features the “La Rana” print. It is a venomous frog pattern print with Chiin Chilla icon face embroidery. It retails for $64.95 USD.

The Brick Chiin Chilla Beanie ($64.95 USD) has a brick and face design. Meanwhile, the OCC Icon Face Cuff Beanie ($59.50 USD) in Charcoal and DNA Red features the message “Till You Fly.”

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