The Offend Brand Sale: “Lucky Dip”

The Offend Brand sale will get you a surprise t-shirt. “Lucky Dip” will give you one t-shirt at random for half the standard price.


Offend Brand is offering customers a chance to get a surprise tee. For just  9.99, which is about $12 USD (instead of 19.99 or $24 USD), you can receive a t-shirt without worrying over what design to pick.

With “Lucky Dip,” customers just need to select the size that they want. Afterwards, the label will do the rest.

The selection encompasses tees from current collection tees, past collections tees, as well as random ones. The label will choose items at random.

The brand noted that the tees cannot be exchanged or refunded unless faulty. However, if there are any shirt design that you already have and don’t want to receive any duplicate, you can just let them know with a note during checkout.

New Arrivals

Meanwhile, the brand has new arrivals for customers. The current items available are a set of stickers and a checkered shirt.

The Sticker Pack 1 (€2.99 or about $3 USD) showcases 6 Vinyl stickers. The designs include a festive “Offend Brand” text, a sword piercing a rose, and a crying heart, among others.

The “Script” Burgundy Check Shirt (26.99 or about $32 USD) has a narrow button down collar. It features the “Script” logo.

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