Offend Brand New Arrivals

Offend Brand new arrivals feature a variety of items that are a staple for any season. Check out the pieces below.


Last January, Offend Brand had a sale that gave lucky customers a surprise t-shirt. “Lucky Dip” gave out one t-shirt at random for half the standard price.

The brand offered customers a chance to get a surprise tee. For just  9.99, which is about $12 USD (instead of 19.99 or $24 USD), lucky customers received a t-shirt without worrying over what design to pick.

With “Lucky Dip,” customers just need to select the size that they want. Afterward, the label did the rest.

The selection encompasses tees from current collection tees, past collections tees, as well as random ones. The label will choose items at random.

The new arrivals include a striped swim short, “Stuck Forever” t-shirt, “DBD” hoodie, and “Greetings From” t-shirt. There are also accessories such as a rose cuffed beanie, “La Vie en Rose” 5 panel hat, “Bon Voyage” patch, and “No Guts no Glory” wall flag.

On Sale

Items on sale as of this writing are the “Tour” cut-off t-shirts in white and gray. Each now retails for 9.99 (or about $11.84 USD) instead of 19.99 ($23.69 USD).

Sizes available are S (36/38) M (39/41) L (42/44) XL (45/47). 

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