Latest Off-White Hoodie Draws Inspiration From Princess Diana

The new Off-White hoodie is a sweatshirt worthy of royalty. It takes reference from the late Princess Diana.


Off-White’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection features pieces that embody the British monarch’s timeless grace and style. Each garment boasted of a sophistication that is the signature of Abloh.

There are feminine silhouettes that are more mature than the designer’s previous lines. Nonetheless, the collection will definitely still appeal to the modern crowd.

This time, Virgil Abloh dropped a “WOMAN” hoodie in pale blue. Embroidered yellow graphics on the front and back serve as an accent to the pastel base.

“Martha’s Vineyard” is on the left side of the chest while an enlarged “WOMAN” text is on the back. It also has the signature diagonal stripes along each sleeve in a matte blue hue.

It is now available at The hoodie retails for $710 USD.

New Gradient Hues For The Binder Clip Bag

Meanwhile, Off-White’s popular binder clip bag receives a makeover. The latest drop comes in three different colorways: pink, yellow, and purple.

The bag has gradient-colored diagonal stripes on the front flap. It still has its signature design details such as the industrial strap and binder clip. It retails for $1,495 USD. 

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