New Nike Air Huarache and Air Raid Hybrid May Evoke Nostalgia

The latest shoe by the brand looks a lot like a hybrid of the Nike Air Huarache and Air Raid. The combination also features a mashup of colors and aesthetics.


Nike unveiled the Air Huarache and Air Raid silhouette combination just recently. The shoe takes its inspiration from the retro technical features of the two sneakers.

Moreover, the hybrid boasts of its ’90s influence. This also embodies the current adoration that customers have for retro footwear models in sneaker culture.

Multicolor and Monochromatic

The model boasts of both the interlocking straps of the Air Raid and the Huarache’s body. These details are the most recognizable characteristics of each shoe’s designs.

A seamless and laceless bootie construction can be found below the straps. This will definitely appeal to fans of the slip-on.

Meanwhile, the straps and a heel lockdown function as providers of stability. The shoe will reportedly arrive in two iterations.

One iteration features a multicolor upper. In a ’90s-inspired look, neon pink and teal dominate the colorway with hints of orange and black.

The other version comes in a monochromatic white color scheme. This gives the shoe a winter-ready vibe.

Nike has not announced the official release date and retail price for the shoe. Stay tuned for further updates.

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