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Interview with Bobby Hunderds – Complex

Interview x Bobbby Hundreds – by Complex

Learn how you can build your own streetwear empire from the Founder of The Hundreds Clothing, Bobby Hundreds.

Peep his smart retail placement strategies. How Bobby and his co-founder created the hype around their brand with store owners and secured distribution from local top streetwear shops.


Featuring Scenes

Bobby’s background

How the brand TheHundreds was conceived and the story behind building the empire.

Risks to running the business (such as clearing inventory, eating their own cheques).

The hardships and glory to running a streetwear business, all here.



Nothing is guaranteed.

Get creative with your marketing plan.

Go beyond just falling in love with your brand, make it your life.

You’re not building a brand, or name – you’re creating a culture + community.


Documentary filmed and produced by Complex.

Written by allurre

Founder of StreetwearTalk and RECQUIXIT, Videographer, Producer, Serial Entrepreneur.

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