1. What is the start-up story behind your pursuit as an store owner and artist?

when i was kids, I got inspiration from music, after that, I love clothing, I have worked for clothing buyer for select import clothing store, and Lafayette established in 2003 as select import store.

2. Describe your musicals style, what is it like? What are three words that best define it?

hiphop, reggae, The word is street, money, girls

3. What is your definition of success, and how much of it do you think you’ve achieved?

street life, when i think success, I will die, it is important for me to keep doing.

4. What are some recent achievements you’re proud of and would like to share?

we got 7years for Lafayette, but i am not satisfied, 10years, 20years more still keep doing.

5. What’s something that’s always running inside your mind lately?

I want to link up with any people by Lafayette

6. What would you spend you a million dollars on?

i don`t know


7. What’s one incident that would serve as a turning point to your life?

I went to NY first time, then I got decision to open my store and start my street brand.

8. What three pieces of advice would you give to others when it comes to life and business?

keep doing

9. Biggest risk ever taken?

I don`t think risk, I am going to our dream

10. Who has influenced you most and been your greatest inspiration?

It is not someone, it is NEW YORK

11. How do you go about marketing your business or yourself? What has been your most successful form of marketing?

I don`t think we have correct business of form, because we are doing original form our mind.

12. In three words, characterize who you are.

friendship, dream, NEW YORK

13. Excluding yours, what company or business do you admire the most?

I respect the company keep doing same thing long time.

For more information, check out their English site at Lafayette Crew


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