Fear of God Delivery Two Drops

The Fear of God Delivery Two for its Fifth collection became available on Black Friday. Check out the highlights of the assortment below.


Jerry Lorenzo’s contemporary label continues with its usual design. Fear of God’s latest delivery still features the conventional styles that makes up the label’s identity. These styles come in familiar fabrics as well.

Noteworthy pieces include the Corduroy Alpaca Hoodie, the Satin Hooded Bomber, the Black Chino Workshirt, teh Corduroy Collar Denim Long Jacket, the Green Plaid Every Day Sweater, and Corduroy Drawing Trouser. A black Silk Bandana is also part of the second delivery.

What Makes Them Work

The Corduroy Alpaca Hoodie works because it is a wardrobe staple that comes in understated panache. The Satin Hooded Bomber, on the other hand, comes in a simple yet beautiful matte rose satin color.

The Black Chino Workshirt provides versatile styling with its silver hardware zipper. The Corduroy Collar Denim Long Jacket pairs well with a t-shirt and destroyed black denim.

The Green Plaid Every Day Sweater stands out with its non-everyday cotton and silk fabric. Its over-sized silhouette is perfect for that effortless look.

The Corduroy Drawing Trouser comes in a sophisticated tan color that is balanced by its black waistband. Meanwhile, the black Silk Bandana is perfect for use as a scarf.

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