New Diesel Collection Gets Ahead Of Counterfeiters

The latest Diesel collection beat counterfeiters to the punch with its own knockoff brand. The label unveiled a “DEISEL” pop-up in New York City.


The store is in New York’s Canal Street, which is the city’s unofficial fake fashion district. At first glance, it appears to be selling cheap rip-offs of Diesel pieces.

Inversely, the store actually sells rare and highly limited edition pieces for customers. The misspelled Deisel logo is in simple, bold prints on t-shirts and hoodies. It is also on drawstring denim cuts lining the racks.

“Go With The Flaw”

This marketing idea is part of the brand’s ongoing “Go With The Flaw” campaign. It plays into the modern viewpoint that logos are wearable status symbols.

Thus, Diesel CEO Renzo Rosso created DEISEL and opened the pop-up store. They even got people to lure unsuspecting shoppers to check out the merch.

“We’re thinking why we cannot take and work with this irony?” Rosso said. “We can create from a problem maybe we can create something good.”

Other pieces in the store are patchwork bomber jackets as well as other mixed pieces with a distressed motif. The items come in knockoff prices as well with about $60 USD for hoodies and $20 for t-shirts.

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