New Dickies Japan Capsule Collection Is All About J-Biebs

The latest Dickies Japan capsule collection is a tribute to Canadian singer Justin Bieber. The brand new assortment features exclusive graphic goods with the artist’s photos.


The new collection by Dickies Japan showcases a trio of layering pieces. The clothing hosts photographs of Justin Bieber.

The three-item collection boasts of monochrome pullovers. They bear distinct art of the pop star’s face. Moreover, each piece offers a different edited image.

What Do You Mean

Two long-sleeve sweaters have photos that play with color inversion. A black sweater bears a slight blue tint. Both prints come in black and white.

On the other hand, there is a white hoodie that offers a monochrome image as well. However, it adds colorful shapes for contrast.

Each item has the signature Dickies tag in the lower left corner. You can check out Dickies Japan’s web store for the upcoming drop.

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber is also receiving his very own museum exhibit from his hometown, Stratford, Ontario. “Steps to Stardom” commemorates the young star’s shows on the steps outside the local Avon Theatre.

The display will host Bieber memorabilia from his early years as an aspiring singer. This includes trinkets, old t-shirts, hockey jerseys, and microphones.

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